Edinburgh designer brings a unique look to John Mark wallpaper with HP Latex 2700W

Edinburgh-based designer Mairi Helena and leading digitally printed wallpapers manufacturer John Mark recently linked up to produce a bespoke wallpaper featuring a host of special effects, all of which were printed using an HP Latex 2700W Printer.

Mairi has been designing wallpapers, fabrics and various home accessories for more than six years, drawing inspiration from the textures and colours in photographs she has taken of the stunning Scottish landscape.

Having worked with John Mark for a number of years and designing a range of wallpaper products for the brand, Mairi was keen to explore new areas with her latest piece that was inspired by water going in and out on the shoreline of the Scottish coast.

After creating a design with several layers, Mairi approached John Mark to see how they could bring the patterns to life. John Mark recently installed a new HP Latex 2700W Printer which has white ink capability and, working with Mairi, was able to use the machine to achieve the desired effects.

The stand-out feature of the design was a “shimmering” effect. When light shines on the wallpaper, parts of the piece glisten in a similar way to the water in the original photograph. Layered printing also helped accent other parts of the design such as oystercatcher birds walking on the shore.

“The ability of the HP Latex 2700W and its white ink to help parts of the design stand out and almost come to life was just incredible,” Mairi said. “The shimmering effect in particular was really special as never before have we been able to create such a design.

“I was really keen to try out something new with this design and thanks to John Mark and its new HP Latex 2700W, we were able to achieve something quite special that offers a whole new option to the end customer.”

John Mark is a long-term supporter of HP Latex technology and, to date, has an HP Latex 570, an HP Latex 800W, five HP Latex 1500 and two HP Latex 2700 printers. In July 2022, the company was also the first UK businesses to install the new HP Latex 2700W printer, officially launched at the end of last year.

“The addition of the HP Latex 2700W has significantly increased our white ink capabilities, which in turn has opened up all manner of new layers and finishes that we can add to our already expansive range of wallpapers,” says John Mark Watson, Managing Director of John Mark.

“We have been blown away by the results we are getting and have been showing those to designers who have been impressed by the outcome, helping to inspire them to come up with new designs.”

Building on the success of this initial design, Mairi said she is keen to see what else she can achieve with John Mark and the HP Latex 2700W, adding that she has a number of ideas as to how to push the boundaries further.

“This first project has given us food for thought in terms of what else might be possible with the HP Latex 2700W,” Mairi said. “It’s a really exciting time!”

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