Diversify in 2022

It doesn’t take an entrepreneurial expert to know that the world of business is constantly changing. Consumer habits change, technology improves and both the consumer world, and the business-to-business market, can change rapidly. So how can your business stay steady in this turbulent landscape? Evolve and diversify.

Diversifying your business may be a risk; dipping your toe into new markets with new audiences, but it also reduces risk. The rewards you can reap are often worth the challenge, and the process can instil stability, growth, and profits into your business.

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that the world can change, quickly, so your business needs to be prepared for that. If your business is overly reliant on just one sector, you could be minimising profits, expansion opportunities and creating unnecessary risk if mitigating circumstances come into play.

We can all identify businesses that were once glorious but are now a lesson in why diversification and planning is crucial; Blockbuster, Blackberry and Yahoo to name a few. Whilst diversification does not guarantee success and longevity, it certainly provides a fighting chance.

Diversify safely

When it comes to diversifying your print business, there are two main options; provide more products to your existing customers or adapt your product range to reach more customers. 

A standard print room will likely meet the large format needs of a business supplier, but one way of bringing more of their ordering to you could be by stepping into a new sector of printing, such as direct-to-substrate printing to supply merchandise, packaging and more. 

The benefit of diversification in print is that the leading manufacturers have considered your business journey with their product range; you can use the same RIP software and familiar technology to print a phone case as you would a PVC banner. Whilst there is an element of risk in the capital involved, the market for short-run and personalised print continues to grow, so if you have a marketing plan in place, the diversification process should be smooth, with an opportunity to upsell to your existing customers and reach new ones.

Versatile solutions

One of the most popular routes for diversifying a print business is migrating to direct-to-substrate printing. Whilst the large flatbeds are a substantial investment; our Mimaki JFX range is the entry level solution, a smaller flatbed such as the Roland VersaUV LEF range or the Mimaki UJF series, could be an ideal introduction to the technology and market opportunities available.

What can direct-to-substrate printing bring to your business?

Using a LED UV flatbed printer, you can print to almost any material; from leather to glass, Perspex, and wood, to individual items such as phone cases, pens and even shoes.

Along with the obvious benefit of varied substrate options, LED UV printing can bring a host of benefits to your business.

1) Instant finishing

The LED UV curable inks are instantly dry on application, producing weather resistant prints which are ready to ship or install once printed.

2) Stunning visual effects

Along with vibrant tones and accurate colour reproduction, the gloss ink can create realistic textures and luxury embossed effects.

3) Vivid imagery

The use of white ink can create vivid imagery or allow quality printing onto transparent materials.

4) Print onto curved objects

Whilst the large flatbeds can print onto almost any material, the smaller options can also offer rotary printing, to directly print onto curved items such as water bottles and candles.

What will you print?

With opportunities across a range of markets, which will you step into?

Promotional products

One of the most popular markets for existing business to business printers is the extension into branded merchandise and promotional product printing. Bespoke jigs on either the small flatbed or large flatbed can quickly, precisely, and effectively assist printing onto pens, phone cases, USB sticks, tins, keychains and even seasonal items like flip flops, baubles and sunglasses.

Product design, packaging, and parts

Print directly onto sports gear, control panels and more using a LED UV flatbed printer. The variable data printing also allows for individual serial number printing to enhance efficiency in your print room.

Personalised gifts

With the boom in online shopping, and the desire to support independent businesses, personalised gifting is a growing marketplace. Using flatbed printing, you can personalise everything from leather wallets, jewellery, and candles to wedding gifts, wooden boxes, and homeware. Print directly onto small intricate items, or large products and add luxurious finishes and textures with gloss ink.

Electronic printing

The technology used with LED UV flatbeds is low heat curing and non-magnetic, which offers the opportunity of printing direct to sensitive electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, gaming devices, headphones, and laptops.

Trophies and awards

Print directly onto wooden plaques, glass awards and metal trophies, with full colour options and elegant embossing possibilities using the gloss ink.

Specialist signage

The opportunities available are endless, so why let existing processes and materials hold you back? Get creative with signage, print onto wood, glass, or directly onto Perspex and acrylic to save time without compromising on quality.

Interior décor

Whether you’re looking to print on smaller items like clocks, chopping boards or coasters, or large canvases, glass splashbacks and even tiles, LED UV print can solve all your interior décor print requirements. Print directly onto items for versatile options which are waterproof and durable, with vibrant print quality.

To find out how you can diversify your print business, or to explore the LED UV flatbed options available from both Roland and Mimaki, give the team at printMAX a call, they’re happy to share case studies, advice, and bespoke sample prints.
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