Antalis’ Sustainable Stand – Winner in the World Exhibition Stand Awards

Antalis is thrilled to announce that its ‘Sustainable Street’ stand, showcasing its extensive portfolio of sustainable materials, has won the top Platinum award at the World Exhibition Stand Awards 2022. The stand demonstrated a range of innovative and sustainable substrates for use in retail design, in-store displays and POS at the VM & Display Show held in April.

Every element of the stand was made using substrates from within Antalis’ portfolio of sustainable products. The stand’s structure and all furniture were constructed entirely from Xanita, an engineered, closed-cell fibreboard manufactured from material recovered from recycled used cardboard boxes.

Lisa Farnfield, World Exhibition Stand Awards, stated: “It’s been an incredible time for design agencies and brands across the world.  This year’s entries to the awards have been of exceptional quality.  Our Judges have highly commended Antalis’ entry.”

Specification Consultant at Antalis, Claire White, comments: “A sustainable exhibition stand is about more than what is visually delivered – sustainability must be considered at every stage of the project. We’re delighted Antalis’ stand has been recognised with this prestigious Platinum award – it’s down to our wide range of sustainable products and the incredible skill of our collaborators on the project, Imageco.”

The World Exhibition Stand Awards Book can be found by visiting: World Exhibition Stand Awards

Antalis is a commercial partner of ISA-UK

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