Magna Signs Levels Up With Agfa Anapurna from Josero

We’ve quadrupled, if not more, the amount of material we can print for one contract.” Ben Ashdown, Managing Director at Magna Signs in Nuneaton, sums up the extraordinary impact of the wide-format hybrid 3.2m Agfa Anapurna, purchased through Josero. The main challenge facing Magna Signs was volume; there was too much demand for the business to meet in-house, particularly as the volume from a large contract with one of their key clients was increasing. 

However, allowing the business to boost capacity wasn’t the only advantage of this new addition to Magna’s inventory. Ben adds: “It opens up a few different avenues of what we can print, things we couldn’t do in house before because this is the first UV hybrid machine that we’ve had. So it just allows us to do a little bit more.”

The Anapurna permits Magna to work with a wider range of media, potentially opening up new doors to different projects. Ben continues: “Having a roll-to-roll UV machine enables us to print media that we couldn’t print with solvent. We couldn’t meet that demand before, but now we can do it all in house.”

The majority of that work involves printed Correx boards as part of the contract with their key client, although other projects such as construction hoardings and property signage go through the machine.

When on the hunt for the right piece of kit to meet their needs, Magna turned immediately to Josero due to a longstanding relationship with Managing Director Sarah Winterbottom. Although they explored other options, the Agfa Anapurna fitted Magna’s needs perfectly, with Ben describing the model as ‘a level up in terms of size, volume and speed’.

Despite COVID restrictions hampering the usual face-to-face process, the acquisition went off without a hitch. “It was here within two weeks, and I couldn’t fault the experience of the build and support from Josero,” adds Ben. “The support with service and build from Agfa was really good, too.” Ben and Magna will also be able to take advantage of Agfa’s partnership with Profitable Print Relationships, which is providing added value business coaching to new Agfa customers. 

When Magna Signs is in need of their next piece of equipment, Ben confirms that Josero will be the first port of call.

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