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  • Hugh Potter

    August 7, 2005 at 6:42 pm

    lol, the best ever car i had was my last one, a 1997 lwb nissan patrol, 4200cc s/six petrol motor, weighed in at 3000kg and would burn abour 1 gallon for every 12-15 miles !

    i think on £65 quid i would get about 180 miles 😥 lovely car tho, second only to a landcruiser amazon !

    tho thats better than my pink race car, 7.2L and 600bhp, that does about 4mpg on tickover and about 2 gallons per mile in anger (hot) , when i go out on the road it does about 40 miles on a 16 gallon fuel cell !!

    my current nissan maxima (3L V6) is most impractical for sign work, but like simon says above, there’s little in the same price range that’ll touch it for performance, both from the line and top end (which of course i never use !) and it’ll still do 25mpg when i’m nice to it !