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  • Hugh Potter

    August 4, 2005 at 10:17 pm

    i too work from home, neccessity at present as i’m not in a position to afford owt else, the shed/workshop is taking shape, well, it still needs properly lining, damp proofing etc, but otherwise is ready to move into i guess ! it suits my needs ok for now, just hope i dont get any huge jobs for the time being ! i’m quite happy to gradually build up as i go and gain more experience before jumping into a shop,

    my biggest prob is like others have said, discipline, i get up, shower, switch on the pc, cup of tea, flick on the news, browse the net for 18 hrs and then do 2hrs of work at 3am ! or there abouts, once the shed is sorted i’m going to make a point of leaving and going in at 9am every day, whether i need to or not, even if i only do some cleaning and leave again, that way if another job comes in, i’m not rushing it,

    otherwise i love it, i’m making my old ’employed’ weeks money in the equivelent of two days, covering costs etc, and still finding time to have a bit of quality time with the lass, the kids, or go fishing down the coast for the afternoon ! i am never gonna work for an employer again ! ever !

    another avenue i’m exploring is mobile cutting, i did a motorsport event last weekend and cut to order, min cut price of a fiver, much of it simple clip art stuff from disc, or custom lettering for race cars, no set prices, just made them up for each job, i used about 90% of the offcuts i took with me so that was a bonus, and made reasonable profit too (for a first attempt), things can only go up from here !!