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  • Keith Nilsen

    August 4, 2005 at 6:08 pm

    As has often been mentioned here, pricing seems to be the one factor in the industry that gets us confused!! Sometimes its difficult to put a true value on the skills we bring to the table.

    On another recent post someone outlined the fact that pricing has to cover not only materials and time, but also the very fact that we have spent the time, effort and money acquiring the skills we use daily.

    I guess therefore that the answer remains the same, namely price according to personal circumstances. I personally think nothing of leaping onto the phone or web to double-check my pricing (thanks John!) and find that is still my best way.

    I am definitely guilty of underestimating the VALUE of my work though, quite simply because I often think something that takes me two hours or so (like a van design and application) simply can’t be worth what I am asking!! Then I stop and think about it and realize that it is. After all, I am offering a brilliant, professional service and should be rewarded for it accordingly.

    To answer the question though, I would definitely visit a site that had a loose pricing structure per sign type or example, and I would also contribute to it regularly. Let us know what you do….