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  • Aaron & Chris

    August 4, 2005 at 5:51 pm

    We work from home too (a double garage) but its my parents so its not really ours. We both live at home and have no sprogs.

    I think its more of a disadvantage for us, thats because we cant have any signs outside because we are in a col e sac. Also customers cant find us and end up going to the guy down the road because hes on the main road. Also we feel like people expect us too be cheaper than other places because we work from home and think your not serious about what you do. Also it limits your workload because we cant get a van in the garage and also if we wanted to expand with say a digital printer we dont have the room.

    Now this situation is not the same for everyone but you must have had people say ‘Is this your hobby then?’ 👿

    It does have a major advantage of being cheap but with us both being 25 years old and hungry for success we want to go out try and earn some cash and maybe one day have our very own shop or unit. 😀

    Chris 😀