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  • Mark Shipley

    August 4, 2005 at 4:27 pm

    Home based here as well!

    Every aspect suits me perfectly, a fantastic estuary just over the road where I walk the dogs, woods at the back and the field where I fly model aircraft is only 3 miles away 😀

    The downside, well there isn’t one really. I did get tired of people phoning in the early hours, that has been fixed a Philips phone system that only allows family and friends to get through out of office hours – everyone else goes straight through to voice-mail and I deal with that in the morning!

    The hours are flexible, so if it’s nice and sunny I can do some gardening and if it’s raining I can build model aircraft – so you can see there is plenty of time for work 😮 erm, what I mean is :2thumbs: it’s great if you are able to differentiate between work and home.