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  • mikey-boy

    July 22, 2005 at 7:47 pm

    Oooh, it’s all come flooding back !!!

    It may be a sweeping comment to make BUT the majority of take-away owners are just born awkward and come with endless problems when it comes to payment … YOU MUST BE FIRM !!!

    Not a biggot by any degree ( used to live in Singapore for 3 years ), but it is their culture to barter and haggle prices when it comes to payment; they expect it and i now don’t even lift a finger until we get 50% on approval of visuals … with balance paid to fitters when job done. If you get a good guy ( and YES there are a few out there ) they won’t kick up a fuss to pay a deposit after seeing what you have visualised for them.

    Sorry to hear you’ve been ‘winded’ but don’t back down with this matter … a good way is to go in during his busiest time and talk loudly about the matter infront of his customers 🙂 … me being a bit ‘ full on ‘ when it comes to getting my leg lifted did this PLUS even recruited a couple of friends when i visited who i decked out in t-shirts with a big bold backprint that read … Bad Debtors Sign Removal … the money was quickly found after our ladders were taken from the van and propped up against his shop front 😉

    Oh well, enough of my sadistic rambling … GO GET HIM !!!

    Best wishes –