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  • Graham Parsons

    July 20, 2005 at 10:23 pm

    Greetings from sunny Saskatchewan!

    Gotta tell you this story after reading the thread. A few years back whilst I was still in the UK, we did a couple of quick signs for a building firm. I told them at the time of ordering we’d need a cheque on collection, which we duly got. However, you guessed it, the cheque bounced. After re-presenting it once and having it come back again, I called the customer – “we’ll get it sorted out” – nothing, of course, so I went to see the customer. First time, no one available to see me – second time told it was drawn on the wrong account (their fault) and they’d give me cash “tomorrow”. I then told them if the cash wasn’t forthcoming, I might have to go to the small claims court. I was then told in no uncertain terms to f-off and was thrown off the property.

    This as you can imagine displeased me 😉 so I took the actual cheque, now with it’s “refer to drawer” stamp across it, to the local copyshop and had it enlarged to a three foot wide photocopy, which I then stuck in our shop window for all to see – especially their competitors!

    And the bonus is.. we put the original cheque back through the bank on a whim some months later when they’d forgotten about it, and blow me if it didn’t clear!
    Immediately took the photocopy down of course, but they were not happy with us at all! Lots of cursing and whatever, but what the heck, we got what was due (and so did they!)