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  • Simon Clayton

    July 20, 2005 at 12:35 pm

    Dsi, I’m not sure if our laws differ, but until the good are paid for its not yours, that’s the simple case, as i said about the car on fiance, its still their car until paid for in full, weather its changed hands 20 times, they can still come and take it away and then pursue that person through the courts to get all the money they owe, if the car’s not the same or more value, they have large legal departments to fight it out.

    I have lost money by not taking people to court, because i felt it weren’t worth the time and trouble, (was very busy at the time, and the money i lost was not that much compared to the money i would have lost chasing payment and not doing the work in hand).

    The only reason people don’t retreive their goods is it would be hard to find or too costly to go through the courts, to gain access etc..

    The example of the kitchen fitter is a bit different because his work is in a building, and most signs are outside, he would have to be invited in to remove his kitchen, so when he turned up to remove the kitchen, the police were call because he was trespassing,

    So if you did take back your signs and were taken to court, (if you have proof you haven’t been paid or they can’t prove they have paid you) then its going to be hard work convicting you of theft..
    The contractor has stolen the signs from you, and defrauded his client, so in effect they have stolen the signs from you, fenced them on to their client who can be done for receiving stolen goods…

    And if you can’t remove the sign, walk up and down outside his shop with a protest banner tell all what a crook the guy is, every night until he pays you… 🙄 or better still, get payment up front or on delivery