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  • Phill Fenton

    July 19, 2005 at 7:35 pm

    I once removed a sign because it hadn’t been paid for. Trouble was – my client wasn’t the end user but had asked me to supply and fit the sign for one of his biggest customers. I billed him – and he billed his customer (plus his mark-up). He got paid. I didn’t

    I removed the sign one evening and posted a note through the letter box explaining who I was and why the sign had been removed. First thing next morning I recieved a call from the end user asking me to re-fit the sign. They had already paid their client but agreed to pay me my bill and take it up with him if I would re-fit the sign.

    A satisfactory solution all round. I got paid. The end user got their sign at a lower price than they had originally paid – and the clown in the middle who thought he was being clever pulling a fast one lost one of his biggest customers and his reputation.

    I hope you get your money David. If I were you I would threaten to remove the sign and make it clear that that would not be the end of the matter – you will still press for payment in full even after the signs removal. Usually the certain knowledge that the sign is coming down convinces the non payer that you are not a push over and they pay up. 😀