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  • Carrie Brown

    July 19, 2005 at 6:13 pm

    Ooooh how annoying …… yes it could just be an error …. but probably not. We would probably give him a week at most to get the cash to us, threaten to remove the sign if no payment …. but to be honest we have never gone down this route …. sometimes I worry in case we remove the sign, then they get someone else in to do the job and we are left with a sign thats no good to us or anyone else?? So we usually go down the court action route instead.

    We work by proforma payment …. payment with order ….. perhaps this would be a good way for you too ….. even if you only got a deposit, it would be better than nothing. If you do get a pain in the rear non payer at least you will not be hit for all the material costs on top of losing profit.

    Hope you get it sorted.