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  • Shane Drew

    July 19, 2005 at 10:22 am

    There is some good advice here.

    Yes I have been embarrassed myself with cheques bouncing every now and then, usually due to a misunderstanding, but having said that, and at the risk of affending some here, I don’t do business in the restaurant trade without getting a large deposit at least.

    It is the nature of the restaurant game, a bad week and they all struggle for cash flow. His intentions may have been good tho.

    One last thing, the asian customer is usually the most demanding and critical. It is how they do business with each other. It is nothing you have done. I have a large asian client base. They are all the same, once you have had business dealings with them for a while. you will understand their foybles better.

    Always quote and expect to be beaten down. They always like to think they have got a better deal. Always build this in to your price.

    A little off track I know, but give him the benefit of the doubt whilst you wait on his door step. A lot will depend on his reaction when you call.

    Bear in mind, asians don’t like to be embarrased, especially if he is genuine, so if you corner him and be rude, he will likely get his back up and make it more of a drama.

    I speak from years of business dealings with the asian community. Another thing too, if you get their confidence, they can be the most loyal customer you will have.

    Hope it works out for you.