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  • Robert Lambie

    July 19, 2005 at 8:47 am

    go round and sit outside his place and waite for him to open.
    take the cheque etc with you. when he arrives and your sitting there he will know no matter what he does your going to be biting his ankles till you get paid. his cash flow problem is “his” problem, not yours.
    as you said, he was a pain do business with, so why be anything else now you want paid?
    as paul says, we all get cash flow problems at some point. so just be firm, but polite. dont give him another week though… ask to be paid now and include the bank charges on it.

    may sound a little extreme, but say you bought a huge carry out meal, and while walking out the door you shout. “cheques in the post mate” ? how far do you recon you would get 😉