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  • Darryl Seager

    April 5, 2005 at 8:12 pm

    One more into the (af)fray.

    The thread title caught my eye, so i’ve had aread through the comments as posted by various people.
    Following on from a previous thread..(what did you used to do?) i was a miner for 17 years, and an electrical test engineer for 4 years,i got into this by accident really,but through finding this site(and more like it) on the ‘net i have learnt a great deal,i understand the mechanics of a signs construction, i always seek advice before building/fixing a sign. I have had to learn software packages on the fly so to speak,taking in night school classes and experimentation at home.
    I now manage single handedly to design with the customer, fabricate and fit the sign and continue learning whilst i’m working.
    Not all of my work i am proud of( and in 2 instances i have re-done jobs,that i was not happy with)but for the most part i, and the customer, find it acceptable….so am i a cowboy???
    From my own personal view, i think not…but up against lots of the work posted on these boards, and up against ‘professionally’ trained people….yes i probably am..but every day is a learning day.