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  • Martin Armitage

    April 5, 2005 at 9:36 am

    Surely it is down to attitude, if you dont give a stuff and are out for making a few pounds as quickly as possible and as said earlier are not prepared to stand by your work. Is this the attitude that makes someone a cowboy. We will always advise when we think something is wrong, we supply only we dont fit, and people come back to us all the time, we dont advertise all our custom is word of mouth. But if somebody comes in and wants a cheap sign then that is up to them surely, with our knowledge and experience it is up to us to steer them in the right direction. But if people dig there heels in then, against advice then surely it cant be wrong to supply what they want. They have after all been told the score and understand the pitfalls of buying something cheaper. Dont we all have a choice when buying anything, the choice is out there in almost any shop to buy quality and also to buy cheap, side by side on the same shelf. We know if we buy a drill for £10 that it will be crap and that if we buy one for £150 we would never probably have to buy one again. No one tells us this we just know it. Most people out there would probably buy the one for a tenner, you dont ever see anybody asking what you want it for and offering advice. It seems some people on here would turn people away if they want a cheaper sign, I wouldn’t. I would definately like to know what was in some of the deleted posts.