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  • Phill Fenton

    April 4, 2005 at 10:17 pm

    There is a company near me that has now asked me on three seperate occasions to supply & fit signs to their fleet of vans.

    The first time I quoted them a reasonable price (I thought) per van (The layout they wanted was very complex and used reflective vinyl for most of the layout – much of it going over compound curves).

    I was told I was too expensive and never got the work 🙄 .

    The second time they asked, I reminded them of my earlier quotation…. Yeah – but can you not match the price we have been getting (literaly half the price I had quoted)?

    No says I – the job is too time consuming to do it for less…. they were used to lower prices so again I never got the work.

    The third time they asked I again told them I would be looking for the original price I had quoted – and unless they were prepared to pay this amount there was no point in me making a trip out to speak with them as I had been through it all before.

    Yes says they, but we’re not happy with the standard of the work we are getting done so we may consider paying more for a better job. A date was fixed and I agreed to call around discuss the work.

    Next morning I receive a phonecall – can we re-schedule your visit to discuss the van work as we are too busy to meet today.

    No problem – let me know when you are available.

    I haven’t heard back yet (presumably they were attracted by the lower price on offer by the competion even though by their own admission the work was sub standard and they were not happy with it).

    Next time they phone (and they will 😉 ) I’ll just tell them to stop wasting my time.

    This is what I mean by “Cowboy Customers” they are being serviced by signmakers who are prepared to underprice their work and so these customers get get used to unrealistic prices yet still expect a decent job to be done- I could go on all day re-counting instances like these. The trick is to recognise these for what they are and to move on and find better customers, meanwhile the real “cowboys” that are servicing these customers quickly go out of business when they discover the prices they are charging are too low to maintain a viable business (:) (:) yee haw!!