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  • Peter Normington

    April 4, 2005 at 9:48 pm
    quote :

    So emphatically yes they do get what they deserve!

    Johnboy, thanks for that,
    Exactly what I said about people buying stuff from ebay scammers.
    They get what they deserve, if you do your research first, and still go for the obviously far to cheap, bargain of the century option, then yes, you deserve what you get, but I suppose this post will be deleted as well. No rudeness to any one intended, just my humble opinion.
    I love all the members of uksb, and could only ever treat them as members of my own family 😀

    Mr slightly angry, but still in control, just got a small grudge, nothing to worry about, I will not slit my wrists, not tonight anyway,:wink:


    Go on Rob, delete this now Ive got it of my chest