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  • Martin Pearson

    April 4, 2005 at 8:54 pm

    Dewi, I’m afraid I have to disagree with you having just read Mikes post, there is at least one cowboy on the boards and that is me.

    I sometimes struggle to get enough work so I’m definatly not making a quick buck but I am in the unfortunate position where I can’t afford to turn a lot of work away.

    If a customer comes to me looking for signs I will always do my best to ensure I give them what I consider to be the best possible job but if they tell me that it is to expensive and they can get it else where cheaper then I will look at alternatives, as long as what they end up with is safe and I have tried to explain to them why what they are getting is not really a cost effective sollution and that their business would benefit greatly if the job was done a slightly different way then I will normally do as I am asked.

    Maybe I don’t have the gift of explaining these things to the customer properly, does the customer think I’m trying to make more money from them by offering a better sollution? I don’t know, maybe I have the wrong sort of customers because all they seem bothered about is price.

    I may not be really proud of some of the jobs I have done but I have to make a living and as this is what I want to do I see no alternative.