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  • johnboy

    April 4, 2005 at 8:41 pm

    Hi Guys & Gals any room in the saloon?

    I think we all get wound up about the “quickie-stickies” as jillbeans says. But lets not remember who causes and continues to fuel this demand CUSTOMERS!

    There will always be a sub market that bumbles along and as you say they will be landscape gardeners or laying drives next year!

    We try to take the view “we work up to a quality not down to a price”, biggest problem is most “new”customers have no conception of this and cannot see beyond the price.

    I give you for an example a little tease my son tried back in January, a chap came in from quite a large engineering company locally employs i would guess 150/200 people. He said he wanted a 8′ x 4′ sign to replace the one that had blown down (last time i saw this sign up was October when we had the high winds) proudly boasting the last one had been up “at least twenty years” ( he could be right i have seen it for the last 11).

    He sat down with our graphic designer Vikie and i suppose half an hour later he had a design he was chuffed about. Vikie then called my son Richard to come and sort out the “nitty gritty” as she puts it.

    Rich asked his budget the chap said “as cheap as you can, its only a sign”.
    We can all guess what followed i suspect we have all been there a million times! Rich quoted £375 + VAT which was fair for the Rynobond, frame, vinyl, fitting & design. the chap said you must be joking i was thinking less than £100, But on this occasion Rich was up for a tussle, he dropped the price from £375.00 saying its January we could use it for advertising etc. and said £150 final offer just to see what he would say. the chap said no and off he went!

    Two weeks later he had his new sign put up and a right dogs dinner it was too!

    4 or 5mm Foamex tech bolted direct to the metal cladding, no rubbers no stand offs obviously no allowance for the 30mm+ it will stretch in the summer.

    As it turns out one of our fitters Gary knows the receptionist who works there. he indeed got his sign for £78 no VAT fitted free!

    Will it be there in twenty years? I would be gobsmacked if its there in 20 months!

    So who causes these “quickie Stickies” to exist?????


    Johnboy 😎