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  • Mike Grant

    April 4, 2005 at 7:32 pm
    quote martin armitage:

    I have myself produced signs to customer specifications that I think are complete rubbish, poor layout and using the wrong materials. But the customer gets exactly what they wanted. I will always offer advice and point people in the right direction but ultimately the customer is paying for what he wants.

    This statement sums it up a lot.

    Can I have a sign, It must be white lettering on a white background with a white shade, Oh yes maybe a white flourish and white stripes would look nice too! 🙄

    OK mate it would look better in red and grey but your paying the bill so WTF!

    IT is your responsibility as a GOOD sign supplier not only to educate your customer as to where he is going wrong but to persuade him to pay the extra for a proper job well done and for you not to get carried away and not go with the flow just in case they go to the other “cheaper” cowboy down the road.

    I have finished a job today and quoted the customer £500, he told me he had a quote for a “SIMILAR” speck job for £350. My attitude was then to explain in detail what he was getting for his money. I could have used 1.2mm aly for the backing tray (it was a big sign) but explained that I would use 3mm aly and would not cut corners to “cheapen” the job. I supplied a small sample to explain my method of construction etc. My customer was well pleased with this and very happy to continue with the job. He even paid me before we had finished fixing it. I like customers like this!

    I am not affraid to loose a job on price as I have burnt my fingers badly on many occasions price matching the opposition and not making any money (I even made a loss of over £800 one one big job) So the cowboys can carry on watering down the industry to the point they go t!ts up, but before they go can I just add how they damage the industry for everyone else in their quest for a quick buck.