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  • Martin Armitage

    April 4, 2005 at 11:12 am

    So who judges wich of us are cowboys – ourselves, our customers, or other signmakers. I have myself produced signs to customer specifications that I think are complete rubbish, poor layout and using the wrong materials. But the customer gets exactly what they wanted. I will always offer advice and point people in the right direction but ultimately the customer is paying for what he wants. There is signage out there I have done that I am extremely proud of (99% of what i do i might add) and also stuff out there that I wouldnt want anyone to judge me on without knowing the history behind it. We always offer the best price to clients that we can, if others can offer a lower price then that is up to them, i dont consider them cowboys just because they can undercut us.
    We also get work coming in all the time, alot of it third party, requiring us to copy artwork and logos, i would be intersted to know how some of the others on these boards are able to produce work that is always entirely original, I would be turning work away every day if i had to take the time to check every layout or logo produced by the customer was entirely original.
    The wrong attitude makes a cowboy, me thinks.