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  • Vince Francis

    April 3, 2005 at 8:21 pm
    quote :

    Hand’s up who are cowboys in the world of sign making, I’m constantly getting fed up with the amount of crap sign makers coming into the trade, they got no experiance about materials and slap any old (oh i swore !) that they can their hands on onto customers signs.


    This is not just new companys who do this though. I wont say who the company was, as they are very large!

    We had to correct a sign that had fallen apart, the thickness of materials used was too thin, the fixings used were 1/2 brackets, worse was they were not plated, so had rusted. This caused the letters to fall off the wall.

    The sign was for a major hotel chain, so not even a one off!

    To say that someone is a cowboy being new to the trade, is not always fair. To say the sign is no good just because we dont like it, is also not fair. Maybe if thier client was not happy, i would agree, but everyone has to start and learn somewhere.

    I have been around the trade for a while, yet i have learned so much from these boards that i did not know. I only hope i can pass on my technical experience to others, which will help them out, even if they have been around for a while, we dont all know everything.

    Im not being negative to your response, but feel that you may have been a little harsh.


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    ps vince is an alias for Yul Brynner lol

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