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  • Robert Lambie

    April 3, 2005 at 12:36 pm

    in my opinion…
    a cowboy is NOT someone that works from home or from their garage.
    we need to start somewhere and if this is a way to help deal with your ongoing business costs until you feel established enough to take on the extra overheads then thats fine by me. i know many folk that work from home and make excellent “quality” signs, but i also know sign companies that work from factory units employ 5 staff or more and churn out crap!

    a cowboy? well, to me they….

    are the people that dont give a toss on any sort of price structure. just take what they can get “at any cost” to win a sale.

    are the ones you find in the pub at 3pm yacking about how good a day that had because they just lettered some car sales forecourt vehicle windscreens in stretched comic sans font, covered in bubbles and creases, using cheap vinyl and made £60 cash profit for about 5 cars.

    the type that push only foamex or even correx for shop fascias (no trims) because its cheaper for them to buy! only for it to buckle and distort under direct sunlight.

    they think fonts with a built in shadow the same colour as the letter as “classy”.

    no matter what script font they use they use ALL caps

    they dont care about how a design looks, just as long as the customer will accept it.

    they dont care about learning how to “better” their work, only on how to make more sales, not neccessarily money!

    im sure i could on and on but ill let some others add to it 😉