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  • Shane Drew

    April 2, 2005 at 12:14 pm

    Many years ago, we had a well known businessman, D!ck Smith from D!ck Smith Electronics fame, let it be known that he was going to take a ‘jumbo’ under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. All the radio stations picked up the story about a week before, and for days, everyone was wondering how he was going to pull a stunt like it off, because a Jumbo jet is so big, and the space under the Sydney Harbour Bridge is so low. Plus, it is llegal. It was discussed on morning TV and radio, as well as in the papers, at considerable length. Pilots were interveiwed expressing opinions on the difficulty involved, just about every day.

    When he was interveiwed on the radio in the week leading up to the event, he claimed that it was going to be a very serious attempt to take a ‘jumbo’ under the bridge, legal or not, and urged anyone that wanted to see it, to be on the shoreline just before lunch. Claiming it would probably be the last time someone attempts to do such a thing.

    On the day, thousands of people lined every vantage point, TV crews were everywhere.

    Someone saw a qantas jumbo heading toward the bridge just before mid day, and everyones attention turned to the sky. Suddenly it turned away at what seemed the last minute. It was only then that everyone noticed the ‘jumbo’ elephant on a pontoon slowly gliding under the bridge.

    Easily one of the best april fools joke in recent history.