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  • David Wilde

    June 11, 2020 at 10:21 pm

    Went with Zigaflow in the end.
    Formally quick flow.

    £60 per month per user.
    All the features of Shopvox but fully customizable, you can literally remove any aspect from your system and strip it right down to the useful parts.
    You can add your own checkboxes and drop-down menus or rename all the existing parts to suit.

    E forms, delivery notes, proofing all included.

    Workflow similar to Trello (drag and drop lists)

    It’s not been set up for signs/manufacturing specifically but a couple of tweaks that they guide you through can achieve the results you need.
    They are working on making it more specifically suitable for manufacturing at present.

    Integrates with Xero and cloud-based.
    If anyone tries the free trial, request a call/demo as the true value of the software needs a guiding hand (it is very simple to operate though).