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  • David Hammond

    June 4, 2020 at 8:44 am

    Hi Iain,

    We have 2 calc wizards (small format, and the large format (roll to roll))

    We also have the accounts connection to sage.

    That’s it, we’re similar to you it’s just me and my dad here.

    Other than the basic training we got years ago with Clarity, I’ve just self-taught myself bits, such as modifying reports, and item descriptions.

    It has its quirks, which you need to work around, but if you delve into a little bit there are loads it will do.

    The best thing we have, is clarity automatically creates a customer folder on our server, job folders, within that we have Artwork, Proof, Document, and print folders.

    If you’ve any questions fire away and I’ll try and help, save you paying £££’s for training.