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  • David Wilde

    June 2, 2020 at 8:17 pm

    quote David Hammond:What was the issue with shopvox?

    We use clarity, and Shovox looks far superior and better value.Functionality wise it does everything but it does everything all at once. There doesnt seem to be an easy to follow flow to things.

    Its mainly the interface itself I have an issue with to be honest, a bit confusing and hard for others to follow which was my main requirement. I wanted something I could programme with the finer details but the lads could look at and see which job was up to which stage and what to do next.

    It reminds me a bit like when a web designer trys his hand at graphic design and sends you some ‘artwork’.

    I’ve booked a demo for clarity but reading back on this thread I’m not sure that’s the answer either from you comments?