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  • Ruel Maxwell

    January 31, 2020 at 11:18 pm

    So an update I’ve had a demo with Clarity and also had a quote. I like it but it’s like Cyrious it’s a bit dated and expensive for what you’re getting. Also, it’s basically server-dependent as mentioned above and not in the cloud I don’t like that and they don’t seem to be moving away from that anytime soon. If I had started years ago I would be stuck in but not gonna start now. I also realized that some simple things that you should be able to do yourself they don’t allow you to do you have to pay for that as well.

    For you guys using Clarity give Oracle Netsuite a look. It’s miles better than anyone of the products I mentioned I simply love it just can’t afford it yet or should I say justify an expenditure like that per mth yet (well I may just bite the bullet).

    But all the features and integration are awesome its worth every penny they charge and I only watched a video of it I’ve not gotten the demo yet that’s Monday coming. The reports you can pull the fact that you can customize for your liking.