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  • David McDonald

    January 30, 2020 at 10:54 am


    We use Clarity as well. When we started using it years back (2012) it was the best option we’d assessed and that seemed to be the general consensus amongst nearly all members on the boards. It works well for us and I can still recall how much more difficult things were prior to installing it, that said I now get the general feeling that other alternatives have since become more viable options to anyone starting fresh with this type of system. Definitely look at Clarity though as it is a good solid system (Dave’s comments are true about charging for every extra or service but why shouldn’t they?)

    It is an extremely important decision of which system to choose – the longer you stay with one system the more locked in you will become. If you wanted to migrate it becomes increasingly difficult, almost impossible to do this. Not that we are currently planning to move from Clarity, but if we did we’d have to pretty much run 2 systems in parallel (and for a considerable time), albeit just a single license for Clarity for access to all historical data.

    From a production planning/scheduling point of view then as mentioned Trello is good and essentially free for almost anything you’d need it for.

    Or Microsoft Planner if you have Office 365 then that is also free. We use the latter.

    Hope that helps.