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  • David Hammond

    January 30, 2020 at 8:29 am

    We run Clarity.
    It’s not a silver bullet.

    You need to sit down and work out accurately your costs, and accurately estimate your timings. The old saying, put sh!t in, get sh!t out.

    It’s OK on the larger jobs, but smaller jobs, or jobs where there are lots of smaller elements the calc wizard loses it. I wish we could be charge £130 Sq/m, but we can’t, so frequently I’m overriding prices. On the small format, it’s better, as we can decide if we want to print in-house or outsource.

    That said, you might not need the calc wizards, the pricing wizard comes in handy though.

    It keeps all our artwork and files in order on the server, and we have a record of each and every job we’ve quoted. It’s probably a little overkill, but it works.

    It’s not cheap, they’ll have to install it (at cost), your computer breaks and needs it reinstalling, pay again, want a report modifying, pay again… unless you’re hammering it, and using every feature, I’ve not seen an update that’s really changed our world.

    Think carefully about what you want it to achieve by using it, a spreadsheet might be just as effective.