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Activity Feed Forums Sign Discussion Industry News (Archive) Affordable portable Robot CNC Router able to mill, cut & engrave up to 8x4ft. +VIDEO Re: Affordable portable Robot CNC Router able to mill, cut & engrave up to 8x4ft. +VIDEO

  • Robert Lambie

    November 1, 2018 at 9:15 pm

    I agree the waste build-up will create problems, such as… Inaccurate cutting depths, but more so "traction of the wheels".
    Too travel whilst cutting it has to have some form of grip and i cannot see those little rubber wheels doing anything through a pile of sawdust.
    Also, even if they had an extraction hose, i recon the hose being dragged will create accuracy issues when cutting as it is easily snagged.
    Not ideal, but i guess it would be easy to create a "blowing air action" from beneath the device to disperse all the dust as it travels. they would only need to divert the cooling air coming from the spinning router mechanism to flow out from underneath.
    anyway, i imagine they will know this too and all will be in hand…
    I am sure there will be many pros and cons, production speed for one, but i think it really opens doors and certainly would allow small sign companies dabble in some cnc work, perhaps before investing in a large table model.

    I wonder how long it will be until we see one of these with "registration mark sensors", being able to plot and contour cut large format vinyl graphics. no dust or similar issues there! 😉
    Or even materials such as diamond grade reflective and other films requiring a flatbed cutter… :bigsmile:

    James i think the trick will be it leaves "tabs" to prevent the pieces firing out. easily trimmed by a dremel.