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  • James Sahota

    June 3, 2018 at 8:10 pm

    WOW! :blushing: :blushing: 🙁

    I’m touched by the kind words of each and everyone of you who have taken the time to either comment on this post or have taken the time to call me, text me or even facebook message me.

    Its been overwhelming the number of kind and sweet comments I have received during what can only be described as a nightmare. You really do realise who your friends are doing your darkest and most testing times.

    For those of you who don’t know I started Group101 from my bedroom shortly after graduating with an old A3 printer which cost a little over £200.00 and ended up with my last purchase being a £600K 5m wide durst printer. The point simply here being that anyone of you can achieve whatever level of success you may want from your business. I was notorious for setting goals and smashing them to pieces.

    My advice simply being get up and get it done, give it all you got, whilst others are in the pub having fun you need to carry on working and hustling hard because eventually it will all fall into place. You do something long enough you actually become good at it. I would regularly go without sleep for 3 days and be working around the clock to make sure I got done what I needed to, I even delayed my honeymoon by 6 months and almost missed the birth of my first son as I literally was working every God damn hour I could.

    I made some fundamental mistakes towards the end, coupled with bad health which ultimately ended up costing me my business, although not directly linked with my actions the buck ultimately stops with me so I won’t be pointing any fingers.

    Having a-lot more free time these days is a very odd thing for me and I hate sitting around not doing anything productive especially the weekends, I’ve always been so used to working no matter what day of the week it was. I’m enjoying more time with my family and my two young boys which isn’t a bad thing I guess.

    I accepted a job as a Sales Director at Fulham Graphics, don’t let the word director fool you this is purely my title and I’m in no way a director of this company. You will be seeing me back on the boards again a little more now as I convinced my new company to sign up for a paid membership. These boards are a very addictive place and I still want my daily fix…

    Hope to see you all soon

    Kind Regards

    James Sahota