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  • James Sahota

    February 11, 2016 at 7:17 am

    We have a very nice product of our own which we supply to the trade. It’s very similar to phototex but we’ve been told by some of our biggest clients of printed wallpaper that it’s very easy to install and they prefer it to the rather pricey phototex. The beauty about the printed stuff we sell is that it’s repositionable up 8 times you can peel it back and line it up again if your alignment isn’t quite right. It’s also easy to remove up to 5 years after install leaving no glue or adhesive on the wall.

    We have a number of clients who have this printed with a 15mm over lap for easy installation. I believe once it is all installed they run a steel rule down the overlapped area and trim with a sharp scapel giving them a nice clean butted fit.

    Our stuff goes out as 550mm wide panels and is all numbered and labelled for easy install. We only sell this as a finished printed item otherwise I would have said you can buy some rolls from us.

    Hope this helps.