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  • Michael Kalisperas

    January 7, 2016 at 9:27 pm

    For some reason I can see a day when there maybe a energy charge tax for sign makers doing high energy signs such as this. I know it sounds crazy but I bet it will happen. It maybe levied on the customer but it potentially could to sign makers also. Another random point is I drive past signs like this on my way to Birmingham and I seriously have concerns at some of the ads as they literally blind me as I drive past even from a distance. Am I getting old or is this an issue others find that needs common sense utilising or at least guidelines as I was use to when I worked at the BBC we would have UX guidelines for web etc. Surely the user doesn’t want to be blinded , startled and put off the ad in the first instance?? Please bare in mind "some" ads before I get lynched by keyboard warriors