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  • Hugh Band

    May 1, 2015 at 12:03 pm

    Hi Jean
    We had a BN-20 as our entry into print and cut and it is a great little machine (CMYK). Very versatile and will handle a lot of different media types – most suppliers will cut rolls to 500mm if not supplied as straight 500mm. Yes it is slower than bigger machines but you can let it get on with running while you do something else so if not into high speed production then productivity doesn’t suffer. Within a year we got a VS640 for wide format work and found the transition really easy as what you learned on the BN-20/Versaworks is 95% of what you need on the VS. Have a read of this thread and others re metallic or white ink options and their cost effectiveness/usefulness/maintenance. For window decals we reverse print and flood coated white vinyl. When we got the vs640, again we didn’t go for white or metallic.