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  • Michael Kalisperas

    March 25, 2015 at 11:41 pm

    Shaun I can’t wait. I know people will be like you can do it all free in versaworks and on a PC but I know from "my experience only" that over 20 years macs NEVER CAUSED ME ISSUES I started with PCs and feel macs run more logically. I am prepared to fork out the extra for the new software the new interface is clean elegant and I bet you will pick up instantly. Versaworks is fantastic but I want to keep my operating systems the same for personal reasons before I get the usual onslaught of PC fans ready to stone me. I am a PC user also and will continue to be but wish I didn’t have to.

    Some of the new features are promising too. Hopefully will come soon. Would have been nice if it was free like versaworks bit unfair bit hey ho