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Activity Feed Forums Sign Discussion Industry News (Archive) Chicago Trump Tower sign design fail + Video Re: Chicago Trump Tower sign design fail + Video

  • Adrian Neill

    January 30, 2015 at 3:20 pm

    WOW !! That’s a very damning opinion of this signage.

    In my opinion, design doesn’t just ‘work’ or not ‘work’, it’s a totally subjective thing. I send through designs for all manor of signage on a daily basis and sometimes I get quite exciting about a design idea only to have it rejected because whoever was at the ‘top of the food chain’ and ultimately paying the bill didn’t like the colour i’d chosen or something that simple. It also works the other way too when i’ve been asked to lay out a project to an exact spec and i’ve thought it looks pretty ‘naff’ yet the person who’s specified the elements totally loves it.

    This TRUMP signage to me actually looks pretty good. Of course ‘Mr Trump’ wants his name as big as possible, that’s who he is and these letters portray his character and the way he is ….. i’d say that’s pretty good design myself as the designer has managed to sum up Trump’s ego in five letters.