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  • Robert Lambie

    January 13, 2015 at 8:26 pm
    quote David Hammond:

    In an ideal world it would be perfect to start from scratch with every job.

    How on earth do you quote without starting to remove the existing sign(s)?

    Just guess what lies beneath and then get undercut by those who don’t give a damn about its safety?

    Are we as sign makers really qualified to judge what’s safe and not? Sounds more like a surveyors role, and they’ve the adequate professional indemnity insurance in case they do get it wrong.

    I get where your coming from David and agree with you most the way because I too am faced with this type of thing daily.
    A way of looking at it is, would you apply new vinyl graphics over the top of cut vinyl text on the side of a van?
    or, advise they will need stripped off, glue removed and cleaned, then re-lettered at extra cost?

    I know its harder because you don’t know what’s behind the existing signage. But it should just be a case of…
    You quote for your Sign listing all spec included. list the installation fee and the approximate time to install.
    but also include "subject to existing framework condition once old signage has been removed" or something similar/better?
    When measuring the job up, its easy enough to say to your customer "do you know what’s behind that old sign… leading onto a bit of advise blah blah blah?"
    if you have a smart-ass customer its always handy to remind him of stories from the list in this thread and who is responsible etc etc then once you do get the job and finish it, offer them a small maintenance fee to go out and annually clean and maintain the sign. its all up-selling yes, but you could end up with a nice list of local annual maintenance agreements in place taht will carry you through slow periods of the year like winter etc.