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  • Steve Maple

    November 15, 2014 at 12:55 pm

    quote Chris Wool:dave i would ask steve to build you one 😀 if i thought i had the time i want one.
    Its really quite simple my next move is to build a stand alone full atx tower pc, with all the latest giblets
    i9 chip
    32gb ram
    4gb graphics
    4tb hdd

    note you can’t run a parralell port at 64 bit windows!!! 32bit only
    and fit the cnc controller giblets inside the case
    usb connection straight to board – 3 motor wires in
    then utilise the pc’s case cooling and have extra fans direct to the drivers


    note, its because the drives are now 2 by 3 inch, and the breakout is small

    the psu can come out of its case and sit inside the pc tower, get the heat out