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  • Steve Maple

    November 14, 2014 at 5:30 pm

    IF I were you………..
    buy sell on the controller for £500

    make a USB controller
    use the machines motors and cables
    buy new 36 volts 10 amp psu
    3 toshiba tb6600 drives
    buy a leafboy usn break out board for £109
    buy the box
    ferrite rings and iec chassis socket

    this is exactly ewhat I have

    run it 36 volts 2.5a
    1/16 micro stepping
    the screws are 16mm fat with a 5mm pitch, run mach3 at 760 steps per.

    buy DOUBLES of all your elastics so you have a COMPLETE SPARE controller

    wire it up YOURSELF so you know when it goes wrong you can SIMPLY FIX IT

    P.s as you want a mere 1220 square machine, i dictates that you don’t want to do a full sheet anyway, so a smaller machine will do you.

    IF you buy this isel I can tell you actzacery what to do, even as much as get the guy who made my motor mounts make you a pair, as I have the exact machine

    the makita rt0700 mini router is the BEST for the money, plus you can buy them in the shops locally – plus get back £40 on the base – i did!!!

    down load mach3

    down load the sheetcam tng demo – corel to g-code software 2.5d
    these are both £125 each – use you exisiting machine – usb!!!
    export from your ORIGINAL drawing hpgl – pen 1 layer 1

    EDIT you will need a z axis stuff is the shizzlickles, in so much as you WILL NOT FIND better cnc stuff
    PLUS these things are MODULAR – in effect you can lengthen the X USING stock stuff

    PLUS you could EVEN simply go the panasonic minas a4-a5 servo set upIF you found a used set, then it would be sweet

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