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  • Steve Maple

    November 13, 2014 at 10:17 pm

    anyways if you have some pay-pal go on and get

    1. USB breakout board £33

    2. -three of these Toshiba 6600 drivers £30

    3. one of these 36v power supply £22

    4. go to Maplins and buy a iec fused and switched chassis socket£4

    5.electronics project box 300 by 200 by 100 £34

    6. motor connectors buy 6 drills out the centres and use them as glands – looks tidy

    7. 5 metres of 7 core 1.5mm core shielded cy cable

    8. 3 NEMA 23 motors

    9. Makita rt0700 router trimmer variable speed 700watts

    build yourself a 3 axis, USB, 36v, 2.5a, Toshiba chipped, 1/16 step resolution, Sanyo Denki motored, controller for mach3

    driver on off off – 1/16

    note 7 core – 4 for motors 2 for limit switches there is an earth in there just to loop the field back