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  • Robert Lambie

    November 10, 2014 at 1:26 pm

    I will copy and paste a post here that you will also see HERE that i made about 10 years ago.

    10 years on and we are still faced with the same crap daily. should i have fitted sign number 8 and be the sign company responsible for it coming down on a child or should the 7 sign companies before me have considered doing their job correct in the first place?
    I know some shake their head at my comments, but fact is, that old saying "the customer is always right" does not apply here. we are supposed to be the professionals educating the customer that something is not right and why it is not right. wave a bit of paper in their face asking them to sign all responsibility is on their head (pardon the pun) and watch how fast they reconsider.
    no, dont do it for free or cheap to win the job, charge accordingly…

    as simon mentioned…

    quote :

    Perhaps it is time that we all include a maintenance fee and an end-of-life dismantling fee added to the bill.

    and why not, take full advantage… try and up sell on a yearly maintenance contract. if they dont want it, then fine, have them sign something that proves you have offered it but has been refused and future maintenance now lies with the customer after x-amount of years?

    to try and keep this within this same thread ill paste my post from 10 years ago below.


    seeing as you are all probably fed up looking at vinyl work from me here is a shop front sign i fitted yesterday.
    This isn’t a demo, but consists of about 10 pictures so give them a moment to let them load please…

    Basically the spec I had on this job was simple.
    Arrive with 3 di-bond panels, measuring about 75 inches high by about 52 inches wide, & fit them to a wooden “existing” shop fascia. I was advise to take some tools to remove old Foamex but to then simply silicon and screw the panels to the face of the wood. Easy! Or so I thought!
    Its always the same… a customer will play down the work to save some cash… understandable but this one pushed their luck a bit too far.

    Anyway… I arrived on site… looked at the job and thought furfu**ssake!
    I removed a large V-shaped for sale sign…
    I then removed a Foamex sign.
    Below that was another thin plastic sign?
    So I removed that too…
    When I did the whole thing started to wobble and was clearly unsafe…
    Out comes the owner and I explained… unless I rip this down it’s gonna kill someone sooner or later… he gave the knod and in I went again…
    Down come the sheets of ply to expose. Yet another sign?
    Takes down that signs boards and you guessed it another sign!
    This time when I removed that one I actually found the signs backing board was in good condition and fitted well… so I thought im far back enough ill have to work with this…
    As I pulled some bits away to the side I spotted behind that backing board was another sign!!!! As I laughed I said to the guy with me that’s number 6!!! He said no chance so I put my hand in and pulled it forward to show him it was behind it… as I did he said… your right… but look underneath that bit you’ve pulled up…????
    Another sign!!! This time painted on the marble building and must have been at least 100 years old if not much more! 7 bloody signs all on top of each other… my first time ever seeing something like this…

    Anyway… after getting the lot back to something more secure to fix to I went about
    Making new frame extension to build onto the old one… cut up the large di-bond panels to create a sign not as deep… used the off-cuts to box in an old shutter box now exposed by me ripping the frame down. Edged the lot in 1×1 inch alloy angle and applied the flat cut letters…

    You will see some, but not all the stages…
    This was a bit of a nightmare to say the least, but in the end the customer was thrilled… my hands were cut to bits but I was happy enough with the result.
    See pics below….