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  • Stephen Morriss

    November 10, 2014 at 12:20 pm

    I think there has to be an element of shared responsibility.
    Like Phill said the BS standards aren’t always the best thing and quality control doesn’t guarantee HIGH quality just consistent quality.

    If you fit a sign to a good facia but the facia it not fitted properly or it’s fixings are rotten is it your responsibility when the sign and facia fall down?
    You fit a sign to a rotten fascia and your fixings pull out and your sign drops on the floor, probably your responsibility, certainly some responsibility is yours.
    You fit a sign and the sign or fixings fail and the sign falls on the floor (incorrect fixings, not enough etc), that has to be your responsibility.

    I’d no idea that there was a 10 year life though, quite worrying and maybe we need to get the customer to sign saying they will inspect and check the sign regularly or some such thing.