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  • Denise Goodfellow

    November 3, 2014 at 8:06 pm

    We installed a large swing sign for a pub.

    The panel failed and fell 20ft just missing someone. We and the supplier were very lucky, it really scared us.

    The panel snapped where it bolted to the hanging bracket.

    Upon inspection it was a inch wooden frame then covered in fibreglass.

    The makers were very apologetic and remade again including a few mods my husband suggested, like metal straps and a safety chain.

    It’s now been up for 3 years.

    But how long can the installers be held responsible for?

    Early this year we got a job for a light box for a new takeaway. We thought it would be a simple fit onto the old frame. When my stepson set the scaffold tower up, upon inspection the frame had rotted too badly. He had to argue with the owner who insisted he fit it, he kept on saying it’ll be alright. It was only when he climbed the tower to see it falling apart when grabbed by the hand. After much shouting the customer paid for us to pull the old facials down and replace with new timber, cost him another £500.