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  • David Rogers

    November 2, 2014 at 2:33 am

    Local one for me. No injuries…but one hell of a big sign to drop off the wall.


    Car damaged after wind blows Comet sign off former Dundee store

    Dundee was battered by strong winds over the weekend with gusts
    reaching up to 70mph. Strong gusts also caused a sign from the former
    Comet store at Kingsway East Retail Park to be blown off the building
    and it landed on top of a car. Police attended the incident at around
    10am yesterday, but nobody was injured, though the vehicle was
    damaged. Ciaran Headridge tweeted a picture to the Tele adding:
    “What’s the chances of Comet landing on your car!”

    A spokesman for the Met Office said: “The winds reached up to 70mph
    on Sunday, which caused some restrictions on the Tay Bridge."