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  • Robert Lambie

    October 25, 2014 at 6:32 pm

    I agree with you on most there Hugh, but are we really as bad as other countries?
    I think in allot of cases we are better!
    For the past 25 years i have scrutinised every sign i see, when i get the chance. yes i am a geek that way! :lol1: particularly on holiday though…

    If we get away from the bright colours and graphics for now. Lets look at how well they are made?

    Road signs are made from thin pressed metal plate.
    Painted non-reflective graphics.
    mounted by bolts through the face into thin rectangular tubed posts.
    these types of road signs would be condemned in the UK and rightly so.

    illuminated lighboxes using 4mm correx for the face.
    Wires hanging out the back and running along a wall into a window and plugged in some place.

    these are just two of countless amounts i have seen in minorca and ibiza in the past few years. i took pictures of countless like it.

    i think we really are better off on the whole with regards to the majority of things to take into consideration.

    I was in Perth, Scotland Last week and I echo what you have just said. the majority of signage was crap. it was very dated, and tired looking. design work etc poor. I actually made a comment that a decent sign maker up here would do well.
    i know there are sign makers from Perth on these boards. something for them to consider! 😀

    as for the customer is always right milarky, that’s not entirely true… we are the professionals, we should be educating the customer why not to buy crap from the guy down the road. yes keep them happy, but there are ways in doing this without slashing prices and selling crap.

    good topic hugh!