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  • Phill Fenton

    October 25, 2014 at 5:52 pm

    Is it really any better or worse than anywhere else?

    I see a huge range of signs all around me – ranging from the very poor to the absolutely brilliant. Only the other day I saw a van with photo shopped lettering on it. I was driving at the time and had little time to study how it had been done but suspect it was a case of part wrapping a white van with printed clear vinyl. The effect was of raised lettering "floating" on the background which featured a realistic looking soft shadow. I suspect someone must have paid good money to get this done.

    Likewise, last night I was in Edinburgh and marveled at some of the signs I was seeing in the city centre. Some feature very expensive led lighting effects and would have cost a of of money.

    There are expensive as well as cheap signs everywhere if you look for them.